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Fighting the Post Holiday Slump in Your Business

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin30 December 2013

The latter half of December is always a soft time for businesses as most clients are on holiday or have completed their blank media or replication services in Orange County. One way to make sure you meet all of your yearly business goals is through getting ahead for the following month. January brings a time for renewed budgets, and whether it is a DVD printer in Orange County that you need to make room in your budget for or more blank blu-ray media discs in Orange County, January should be a time for exploration of more marketing and promotional materials for your clients and customers.

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Blank Media Needs for Your Clients

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin27 December 2013

What blank media in Orange County needs do you suspect your clients needing? Sometimes knowing what your client will want before they even know they want it, is a proactive way for businesses to solicit additional business. If you believe your clients may be in need of blank media services in Orange County now is the time to obtain this information. The end of 2013 means new year’s resolutions and growing your business are on top of mind. Get a head start into the new year by looking into creative blank media needs.

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The Importance of Social Media

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin20 December 2013

Social Media is no longer a “coming” medium – it is here to stay and companies need a way to engage with their audience through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and all of the other hundreds of social channels. The majority of clientele often need a Facebook and Twitter page to engage in quick, frequent conversations with their audience. In fact, GotMedia, has our own social channels – please visit GotMedia at Facebook and GotMedia Twitter.

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Holiday Season and the Need for Charities

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin18 December 2013

In this season of giving and thanks, many charities are focusing on printing CDs and DVDs and selling them to raise funds for their causes. Local artists sometimes band together to create CDs that companies will need media replication companies in Orange County to manufacture. What charities do you contribute to?

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Holidays are Coming – Do you have you what you need?

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin13 December 2013

Often times, due to poor planning, businesses are in a rush to get projects and marketing materials out the door. December does not always have to be a mad rush to complete projects if these projects are thought of well in advance. Chances are (hopefully not!) that this December is quite busy for your business, for this reason. You could be in need to reproduce hundreds of your own media, so now would be the time to invest in a CD or DVD duplicator tower. To purchase a duplication tower does not necessarily have to cost you thousands of dollars. With a small upfront investment of as low as $220 you could purchase a Manual Tower duplicator which will save you the hassle in outsourcing this to an alternative company.

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Company Training Needs for Blank Media

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin11 December 2013

Many companies need help with training new employees. There are some companies that provide large binders full of manuals, instructions, processes, and all of that goes in one ear and out the other. One of the most effective ways of training a new employee and getting this person onboarded as quickly as possible into your team and company is through instructional company training DVDs. These corporate training DVDs originated as blank DVD-R media. There are many blank DVD-R media companies in Orange County that corporations can get quotes from but Got Media has every brand and type of disc out on the market, with over 30 years of experience, so you won’t have to look far!

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Fast & The Furious 6 Blu-Ray Release

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin09 December 2013

With the unfortunate passing of Paul Walker, the new release of Fast & The Furious 6 has portions of the sales going to Walker’s charity, Reach Out Worldwide. Movie studios, big and small, often times may not have their own DVD replication studio so will rely on companies such as GotMedia to replicate their blu-ray or DVDs, in Los Angeles. Chances are that your DVD duplicating needs are much smaller than those of large movie production studios, but that doesn’t mean you want your blu-ray products to suffer in quality. That is why owning your own duplication tower from Los Angeles can prove beneficial because you can check the quality of your own work. You can also experiment with several different types of discs, one of the more popular forms of discs are the blu-ray blank media.

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Client Spotlight – Siemens

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin06 December 2013

Many of you have most likely heard of Siemens. They are a large, multinational engineering and electronics company that has selected Got Media to run many of their corporate training manuals for their new employees. One of the difficult aspects of starting a new job is the onboarding process of learning new processes and rules of the company. One way to ensure an easier and more smooth transition around this is to create corporate training manuals on blank DVD-R.

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Charity Needs for Blank Disc Media

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin04 December 2013

Often times, those that are responsible for charity work are focused on the work itself (which is by far the most important aspect) but may not spend as much time in promoting said charity. One way to promote a charity is through dvd replication. In order for a charity to grow, promotional material needs to be created. If you’re based locally, blank media in Orange County is the first step in researching how to begin packaging promotional material for your charity. You will have to research which brands of blank media may be a good fit for you as there are several, such as Verbatim DVD-R that are high quality discs but there are also others by brands such as Taiyo Yuden and Ridata. Once your blank media disc is identified, be sure to look into ways in which you can duplicate these promotional DVDs on your own via duplication towers in Orange County.

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Flash Back to Optical Discs

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin02 December 2013

Engadget recently published an article on the history of silver platters - where they covered the duplication and replication service nature of the disc industry. The optical disc replication service industry is often overlooked and not looked into but there seems to be an interest. Essentially, a man by the name of Paul Gregg, created the plastic discs that we all need in our day to day lives. He has been dubbed the “Father of the Optical Disc” by many in the industry. He introduced the recording video nature of the discs back in the 1960s; however, many didn’t see the value and it did not pick up steam. Some would say he was ahead of his time.

Back in the 1950s, Gregg formed the idea of the opitical disc aka the blank media in Orange County that we use. He was already in the film industry and this is where his idea was born. It was a deviation from the tape technology that the movie industry was used to. He saw that you could write data onto an optical disc, stamp for dvd replication and use a specific light source to play back the data in a new, unchartered way. It was in the 1960s where he finally authored at least one patent around this disc, that described beam-based recording onto a multilayered surface.



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