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Different Uses of CD-R & DVD-R Media

CD-R, DVD-R, Inkjet Printable Media, UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin10 November 2013

Many people know that a CD-R can be used to burn a custom audio CD playlist of their favorite songs, and that a DVD-R can be used to create a playable DVD video disc of their home video. But there are a lot of other uses of this extremely affordable media. For instance, many companies that have printed large catalogs or annual reports every year are now starting to “go green”, save the paper/ink as well as the printing costs, and burn a searchable PDF onto CD-Rs to distribute the same content to their audience. Other uses for CD-Rs include internal archiving of client documents and projects, or burning custom X-Rays onto CD-Rs for patients in the medical field. DVD-Rs can be used for archiving as well; and not just for video! For example, in the software development industry, many companies use DVD-R media to catalog the different releases of their software. Whatever the intended use, there is a particular media solution that can be utilized. CD-Rs and DVD-Rs can be ink-jet printed as well for custom labeling, or ordered silver for professional silk screening… Great for bands, companies, medical facilities, etc. There are many uses for CD-Rs and DVD-Rs across multiple industries, and so it is great to have a single reliable source, especially right here in the Los Angeles County and Orange County area like to be able to get the various types of media available right away.

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Differences Between CD-R and DVD-R Media

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin08 November 2013

There are several differences between CD-R and DVD-R Media. CD-R discs can typically hold around ~700MB; but if you have more storage that needs to be stored DVD-R discs hold around ~4.7GB.

With this in mind, to get accurate pricing on DVD-R discs in Orange County, look through There are several different kinds of brands that are offered for CD and DVD-R Media, so be sure to look through them all. Verbatim DVD-R discs are available and is a reputable brand that is offered for DVDs and CDs.

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Industries That Can Benefit With DVD-R Media

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin04 November 2013

There are several industries that can benefit from DVD-R Media equipment. If you are an individual in the healthcare industry, you know that having a set of DVD-R discs around the office is vital to patient care. There are special medical CD and DVD-R discs that are needed in order to provide accurate image reproduction. The medical industry is not the only industry that can benefit from the DVD-R Media GotMedia has to offer. We also sell waterproof inkjet printable DVD-R media for individuals that would like to ensure they can print and create any of their products on their own home inkjet printer. Keep in mind, it’s always useful when you can order online but one thing to keep in mind is the shipping cost. If you are in the Southern California area, shipping for DVD-R Media equipment in Orange County especially is going to be much more reasonably priced than not.

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