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Library Offers VHS to DVD Technology For Capturing Memories

CD DVD Printers, DVD-R, NewsNancy Woo17 May 2013

Don’t know what to do with all your old VHS tapes, since you threw out your VHS at your last garage sale a year ago? What about all those precious home movies from back in the day when you’d lug a twenty-pound camcorder to all your kids’ graduation ceremonies?

Well, some public libraries now offer machines to convert home movies on VHS to more durable and more modern DVDs. The library in Hinsdale, a suburb of Chicago, just recently added this technology to their repertoire.

The Hinsdale library has a video editing and copying stations that patrons can use for free. In the past two years, they’ve even updated their technology and re-trained staff twice. The machines are relatively easy to use and straightforward, and allow anyone to transfer files from VHS to DVD. It also offers the option to edit the videos, but this process is a little more advanced. Staff is trained to help people use the Adobe Creative Suite software to edit their videos, like adding a menu and scenes.

The library also uses the technology to make training videos and materials. Library members can even borrow a digital recorder, shoot some footage and then upload the film to DVD all at the library center. Who says libraries and books are outdated? The Hinsdale library provides this great technological service to people all for free.

However, the process is time consuming. Not to worry, people can rent out the room for themselves ahead of time, and the transfer doesn’t have to happen all in one sitting. Also, the process is free but people must bring their own blank DVDs to copy their VHS onto.

What a great service! Check with your local libraries to see if they might offer a similar opportunity.



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