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5 Tips For Preventing Data Loss

Electronics, Flash Memory, TechnologyNancy Woo29 June 2012

Who has rooms full of paper files anymore? Increasingly, information is stored in cyberspace or at least in computer space, and while this can be a tremendous convenience, space-saver and organizational blessing, storing data in virtual reality also comes with a risk: irretrievable loss.

Especially for small businesses, data loss can be a huge impediment to success rates and goal achievement. In a study conducted during April 2011, the back up storage company Carbonite found that about half of small businesses with between two and twenty employees had experienced data loss.

Here are the top 4 reasons cited for this data loss:

  1. Hardware/software failure
  2. Accidental deletion
  3. Computer viruses
  4. Theft

Yet, about a quarter of respondents said they don’t regularly back up their important files. A significant number of businesses even reported they thought it was too much of a time consuming activity to regularly back up data. But here is where preventative risk management is extremely important, because taking the time to back up important files can save time and money in the long run.

Here are a few tips for ensuring the best possible data storage and back up habits:

  1. First of all, recognize the importance of spending a little time to regularly back up all important files. It may seem like a drag to do this all the time, but the long-term benefits will outweigh the miniscule inconvenience, especially when the computer crashed and you can breathe easily knowing everything you need is stored on a secure hard drive.
  2. Invest in a hard drive. Whether it’s a personal USB device or a heavy duty external hard drive, having a secondary storage vault for virtual files is instrumental to preventing data loss and improving recovery rates.
  3. Optimize Internet security. Changing passwords regularly and making sure anti-virus software is up to date goes a long way in protecting your documents and sensitive information from cyberspace hackers.
  4. Educate the workforce. In a business setting, it takes teamwork to make sure everyone is on board with regular information back up. Educating people about the importance of saving files is the most important step to actually doing it. Creating good back up habits is key to protecting valuable information.
  5. Consider dedicating resources to regular back up. Whether you create a job description for an employee to regularly monitor back up activities or hire an outside source as insurance against data loss, it might help to allocate resources specifically for the purpose of ensuring critical information safety. Employing someone to take over this part of the job might make all operations run a little more smoothly and take the weight off your chest so you don’t have to worry about unexpected data loss or prolonged down time.

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Verbatim Satisfies Desire For Longer Battery Life With USB Dual Power Pack

Accessories, Electronics, Technology, VerbatimNancy Woo20 June 2012

Haven’t we all cursed the little red flashing light on our phones that signify less than 15% battery life remaining? Technology has taken us far, but we still want more – more apps, more games, more features, and most importantly, more battery life so we can do all the things we want as long as we want.

Well, Verbatim has one solution to our craving for more battery time. The Dual USB Power Pack was released earlier this month, and it can actually increase the battery life of electronic devices by an astounding amount. Using a 10000 mAh lithium polymer battery, this powerful puppy can add 42 hours of talk time, 120 hours of music time or 30 hours of video play to most chargeable devices.

The slim, sleek device has two USB ports so you can double-charge your iPhone, iPad, e-reader, Bluetooth headset, micro-USB charged phone or other USB device. The only phone-carriers who might be out of luck with this one are the non-micro-USB users, but these outlets fit a wide range of USB devices. One of these is even a charging port specifically for the power-gobbling iPad. It does seem like this battery pack caters to Apple products, so if you’re not a Mac fan, this might not be the supercharger for you. But if you’re sporting iThis and iThat, the Verbatim USB Dual Pack could give you the long-lasting charge for your devices you crave.

It’s small and portable enough to fit in a laptop case or computer bag, and the $89.99 might be worth the peace of mind that comes from not worrying about a drained battery. This product comes with a one year warranty.

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