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Primera’s Fastest Disc Printer Introduced to Market

CD DVD Duplicators, CD DVD PrintersHawksM27 January 2011

The Bravo 4100 Series Disc Publishers high-speed desktop disc production are the fastest in class and are also available in Europe, Scandinavia, and the Middle East. In just six seconds, the 4100 Series printers can print full color, 100-percent coverage discs in perfect print quality — a substantial improvement from 20 to 120 seconds per disc on other machines.

The duplicators feature high-speed, built-in recorders to burn and print CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray discs in large quantities for small-to-medium-to-large size organizations.

“When we decided to build the world’s fastest disc publishers, we had no idea how amazing it would be to watch a full-color, 100 percent coverage disc print in just six seconds,” said Mark D. Strobel, vice president of sales and marketing.

There are three models available, which feature 4800 dpi print quality, seventh-generation disc picking mechanism, and individual CMYK ink cartridges:

-          Bravo 4100 AutoPrinter for print-only applications (100 disc capacity)

-          Bravo 4101 Disc Publishers with one CD/DVD drive (100 disc capacity)

-          Bravo 4102 Disc Publisher with two high-speed CD/DVD drives (100 disc capacity)

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Lexar Lets Us in on Its Production Secrets

UncategorizedHawksM25 January 2011

Lexar, a memory product producer and wholly owned subsidiary of Micron Technology Inc., shows how its meticulous production process brings us the quality memory card products they boast about.

In this six-minute how-it’s-made-style video, you’ll see everything from the impeccably sterile manufacturing process to the one-by-one hand testing for quality and write-speed. The video chronicles the entire production from beginning to end. The robotics themselves and the laser etching process are impressive, but it’s the personal attention given to each and every piece that’s truly the reassuring product sell.

Take a look at the video posted on, and see for yourself.

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SanDisk Releases Largest and Fastest Flash Memory Card

Flash MemoryHawksM20 January 2011

Introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show, the latest in the line of CompactFlash from SanDisk features 128GB of storage and can process at 100MB/sec write speeds. SanDisk Extreme  Pro CompactFlash is ideal for products, DSLR cameras in particular, requiring Full HD3 1920×1080 resolution, up to 50Mbps bit rate, and 4:2:2 color sampling.

“No other product on the market can match our new card’s combination of speed and storage capacity,” said Susan Park, director, product marketing SanDisk.

The card is specifically designed for photographers and videographers using HD cameras and is backed by best-in-class quality assurance and lifetime warranty. With the UDMA-7 interface the card allows for maximum data transfer — up to 20MB per second.

Consumers can now preorder for $1,499.99 for delivery in Q1 2011.

Gotmedia offers a full-line of Flash Memory. Give us a call for specific requests.

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Verbatim ARLEDIA Media Offers Twice the Life for DVD-R Storage

Gold DVD-RHawksM13 January 2011

Long-term preservation discs from Mitsubishi are now also available from Verbatim. The new disc brand, named ARLEDIA for its Au/Ag (gold/silver) reflective layers, is poised for high-disc durability beyond traditional long-term storage capacity.

Patented as an archival-quality disc, ARLEDIA has been described as rising star in the DVD-R world, combining gold for resisting deterioration over time with silver for drive compatibility.

The AZO dye (“DYN-AZO”), developed by Mitsubishi Kagaku Media, resists light and heat to enhance durability from repeated playback, and the dual-layer protection results in highly reliable performance. Covered with a hard coating, the disc is also especially protected from scratches and fingerprints. There’s no expenses spared in production, the discs incorporate a pure gold reflective layer.

Archive DVD-R and CD-R from Verbatim & MAM-A uses a gold reflective layer that protects against data degradation.  If you need help choosing a Gold CD-R or Gold DVD-R for archive purposes, give us a call at Gotmedia. 1-866-409-109

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Best Types of Audio and Video Cables for Converting

ElectronicsHawksM08 January 2011

When compiling the system for your DVD recording business, not only do you need to understand the components of a DVD replicator and recordable media, but the quality of your recordings will depend on the cables you use.

The Ins and Outs of a Cable

To the get best quality out of your cable, you’ll need to pay attention to three components: the conductor, the shielding, and the connector.

-          Conductor: The portion of the cable the signal passes through and acts as a shield and a filter for potential sources of noise

-          Connector: The portion that connects to the equipment

Analog Audio

Analog audio relies on RCA connections. The cables are grouped in stereo pairs with one connection for the left audio and one for the right.

Digital Audio

Optical and coaxial cables are grouped as digital audio. Optical cables transmit digital audio signals as pulses of light and are often used for DVD players and recorders. Coaxial cables transfer digital audio signals like standard analog RCA cables, but are packaged sfound as a single cable as opposed to having double plugs.

Analog Video Cables

-          Coaxial RF cables (F-type): Connect antennas, cable boxes, VCRs, TVs, DVD players, and DVD recorders. This is the lowest quality cable for transferring audio and video and should only be used as a last resort

-          Composite video (RCA): Able to be used in many kinds of A/V components comprised of red and white audio jacks

-          S-Video: A round four-pin connector transmits chrominance and luminance of the video signal separately.

-          Component Video: With the most detail and color accuracy, this cable is split into three parts each transmitted over its own cable and can transmit high-def and progressive-scan video signals.

DVI (Digital Visual Interface) Cables and HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) Cables

These two cable types transmit high-definition digital video signals. HDMI cables can carry audio and are backwards compatible with most DVI connections with an adapter.

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