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Get Memory on the Go in Style

Flash MemoryHawksM22 November 2010

Verbatim has announced the Store ‘n’ GoÒ Clip-it USB drive, featuring an award-winning design. Modeling a lightweight paperclip design, the USB drives are fully functional flash storage devices that feature an attached clip.

The USB drive can snap on to office paper products — files, documents, envelopes — and can store up to 4 GB of memory. Available in pink, green, blue, orange, and black, the device is designed by the award-winning Berlin-based industrial designer Arman Emami, winning the Red Dot Design Award and recognized as “Best of Best” in 2010.

“We’re very excited to launch the Clip-It USB drive, a unique and ultra-convenient way for consumers to consolidate their digital files and paper documents at home and in the office,” said Mark Rogers, Verbatim Product Manager of Flash. “The new unit makes it easy for users to keep all their data in one place, and, with its diminutive size and light weight, the Clip-it is a great option for physically sending and sharing files.”

Both stylish and functional and the USB drive is so lightweight it can be shipped without needing extra postage. Available Dec. 1, 2010 the USB drives will be sold for $19.99; a great gift idea for the holidays.

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Rimage Announces New Disc Copy Station

CD DVD DuplicatorsHawksM16 November 2010

Rimage Disc Copy StationThe 5400N Disc Copy Station from Rimage offers CD and DVD disc duplication with the ease of a paper copier. With the intention to streamline day-to-day business operations, the new disc copy station replicates discs of all sizes in the same way that companies now make photocopies.

The 5400N Disc Copy Station allows the user to insert a disc and, with one button, photograph the disc label, read the contents, and record the data onto a blank disc with a near-perfect replica of the label. The new system also allows for multiple copies to be made.

Not only does the 5400N streamline the disc duplication process, it allows businesses to create or publish a label from a past supplier without needing to recreate or purchase the original label or manually write on the disc. And it gives companies the freedom to recreate and duplicate discs whenever the need arises without having to wait on a duplication company’s queue.

“We’ve seen a growing demand from our customers for a way to quickly and easily copy CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray Discs,” said Christopher Wells, vice president of marketing and strategy, Rimage. “The Disc Copy Station meets that need while fully functioning as a disc publisher for new-to-the-world discs. It is really two products in one.”

The Disc Copy station includes a Blu-ray Disc recorder and has three input bins for each disc type and can be operated as both a networked CD/DVD/Blu-ray Disc publisher and a disc copy device.

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CompactFlash Interfaces Gets a Boost

Flash MemoryHawksM06 November 2010

To boost the speed of traditional CompactFlash memory cards, the major manufacturer Transcend has begun selling CFast flash memory cards with SATA (Serial ATA) technology. The CFast memory cards offer 375 MB/second transfer speeds, compared to 90 MB/second performance speeds of CompactFlash cards. These new transfer speeds will allow the new memory cards to compete with also new and fast SDXC SD card format.

The CFast memory cards will be issued in 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, and 16GB format sizes, but will not be compatible with current CompactFlash memory cards. While no prices have been quoted, the CFast cards will not be sold to a consumer market at this point.

While analysts don’t predict a swift sweep of the CFast cards, their speed will play a large role in marketing penetration; the use of a serialized interface, compared to the UDMA technology currently employed, seems to be the way the market is shifting.

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