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Nexcopy Issues Newer Faster USB Duplicators

usb duplicatorHawksM16 September 2010

The California-based supplier of USB duplicators has released a new standalone USB duplicator that supersedes previous USB 3.0 transfer rates, reaching up to 2 GBs of data transfer per minute.

The two new standalone USB duplicators are perfect for bulk data loading to USB flash memory for customers on the go, but who still need a reasonable amount of storage.

“Our PC based systems have been our flagship product for many years, but for those who need ultra fast copy speeds with simple operation, the new standalone systems are the ideal product,” said Greg Morris, president of Nexcopy.

These two new products from Nexcopy can stand out from the competition because they are not part of an existing system and are run off of dedicated boards for copying purposes.

The models come in both the 16 (USB115SA) and 32 (USB131SA) socket system format and are ergonomically designed with a contemporary look and feel made out of anodized aluminum so they’re light weight and portable. Each model has the option of asynchronous duplication or independent data loading.

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U.S. Government Awards $2.8 M in Video Surveillance Orders to Rimage

RimageHawksM09 September 2010

Two federal law enforcement agencies will soon be outfitted with $2.8 million worth of new video and associated services from Rimage. The deal will now allow government agencies to export distribute and archive recorded surveillance content.

All of the equipment will be shipped within the third quarter.

“This order confirms the outlook for our solutions based revenues. This win is futher proof that our shift from hardware solutions is gaining traction and that our customers value a more complete response to their challenges in storing and distributing critical data,” said Sherman L. Black, Rimage president and chief executive officer.

The surveillance equipment has been purchased as a means to “simplify” the government’s workflow and to create a “stable, flexible, and sustainable archiving plan.” Blu-ray discs will be used for long-term storage.  Rimage takes no responsibility for the automatic distributing and archiving service, Archiver, which manages long-term archiving to DVD and/or Blu-ray Disc.

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Verbatim to Incorporate Mitsubishi Media Line

VerbatimHawksM02 September 2010

As of Sept. 1 2010, all Mitsubishi Kagaku Media Co. products will be unified under the Verbatim brand, according to an announcement by company president Shigenori Otsuka. The brand has undergone a reorganization over the last few years. When first introduced, Verbatim was considered a global brand of Mitsubishi Kagaku Media and was available in more than 80 countries worldwide.

As the largest provider of recordable optical discs for five years, Verbatim expanded to sell a wider range of products, including USB memory, SD cards, portable hard disc drives, etc in 2008. In September of last year Mitsubishi transitioned the optical data disc product line to Verbatim.

As of now, all new products for recordable BD, recordable DVD, and recordable CD will be released under Verbatim, as well as all product lines to be released in the future. Redesigned packaging for new Verbatim products will soon be released to unify the product line and to make it easier for the customer to indentify Verbatim products. Consistent terminology will also appear on the new packaging in addition to new, corresponding designs symbolizing the terminology.

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