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SanDisk Reveals Smallest-Ever SSD

ElectronicsHawksM30 August 2010

SanDisk has finally announced its release of the new flash iSSD (solid state drive) – the “i” stands for “integrated” – for tablet personal computers and ultra-thin notebooks. After much speculation, the drive from SanDisk, reportedly supports serial advanced technology attachment (SATA) in a small ball grid array (BGA) package.

Adaptable for advanced mobile computing operating systems, the SanDisk iSSD drive can be soldered onto any motherboard to be used on both Windows 7 and Mac OS X.

At 16 mm x 20 mm x 1.85mm – close in size to a postage stamp – and weighing less than 1 gram, the drive offers 160 MB/second sequential read and 100 MB/sequential write speeds and can store anywhere from 4GB to 64GB worth of memory. This is a significant increase in system responsiveness and storage capacity.

“New embedded SSDs, such as the SanDisk iSSD drive, which meet the stringent size requirements of small and light devices while offering greater performance, are designed to enable OEMs to deliver an enhanced user experience in their next-generation designs,” said Jeff Janukowicz, an analyst for IDC.

The iSSD drive is currently only available for equipment manufacturers.

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Microboards Partners with Epson and Teac to Expand Printing Offerings

CD DVD Duplicators, CD DVD PrintersHawksM20 August 2010

Adding two major duplication equipment distributors to its arsenal, Microboards announced last week the addition of Epson America Inc. and TEAC thermal and inkjet printing products.

Epson products now featured by Microboards consist of the full Discproducer line, including desktop, network, and autoprinters. The Discproducer Network Disc Publisher (PP-100N) is embedded with a processor and hard drive and does not require licensing fees for multiple users. Epson line is highly secure, allowing for physical and electronic security checks, PIN-protected access, and door lock.

“Epson has selected Microboards to distribute its suite of Discproducer solutions because of Microboards’ strong knowledge of the publishing industry and its commitment to the dealer channel”, said Jeff Burroughs, National Channel Sales Manager for Epson System Device Group. “We are looking forward to a mutually beneficial relationship.”

Through Microboards, Teac will be represented by its line of thermal retransfer printer solutions and supplies, including the Teac P-55 series for sharp, high-quality print jobs. Microboards will also feature Teac’s a USB Flash drive printer and auto printer solutions available in two single printer models up to a 300-disc dual printer solution.

“The Teac offering provides an excellent economic alternative to other Thermal Print offerings in the market,” said John Westrum, Chief Operating Officer for Microboards. “Besides winning on total cost of ownership, Teac’s P-55 printer’s output excels in durability, color brilliance, and clarity.”

The partnership is a huge announcement by Microboards, cementing its position in the market as a one-stop-shop for duplication equipment and strengthening its already robust product line.

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New, Eco-Friendly Recordable Disc Blazes the Market

DVD-RHawksM13 August 2010

For companies who are looking to offer their clients and customers a product that is not only economical, but also ecoconscious, CD Digital Card has come to the rescue. The Flex DVD competes with the traditional DVD-5 discs on all levels, except that can be touted as the only “green” DVD replication option.

With the Flex DVD, CD Digital has created a more flexible, durable, and affordable DVD replication option by using one-half of the polycarbonate and chemicals in replication than the standard DVD-5 process. The Flex DVD is a single layer format, offering the same storage capacity as the DVD-5 (4.7 GB for standard size) at half the thickness of a standard DVD (0.6mm thickness).

CD Digital has designed, engineered, tested, and patented its technology to ensure that the materials are 100 percent recyclable and will emit 53 percent less carbon during the manufacturing process. The company claims that is Flex discs are shatter-proof and crack-proof – resistant to all types of breakage – and playable on any basic DVD player.

The lighter and more resilient disc makes the Flex DVD more adaptable and more affordable for shipping – ideal for direct marketing, mailing, books, magazines, and even children’s applications – and makes it possible to eliminate polybagging and to ship as Standard Mail.

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Blu-ray Disc Capacity Continues to Expand

Blu-ray MediaHawksM05 August 2010

How does 100GB disc storage capacity sound to you? For the consumers and major Blu-ray production distributors alike, that number sounds pretty darn good. Verbatim, TDK, and Sharp are among just a few of the companies preparing to sell Blu-ray discs with double the previous storage capacity.

Based on a statement released in mid-July, Sharp will be the first to offer 100GB-capacity discs; its product, the VR-100BR1 will conform to the Blu-ray Disc Association’s new BDXL format specification and can be written only once.

TDK will debut its larger capacity Blu-ray discs in September, and Verbatim will begin shipping its discs sometime next year.

The 100GB-capacity discs utilizing the new BDXL format, will add a third storage layer and, if all goes as planned, will one day be able to add a fourth layer of storage, increasing storage capacity to 128GB. Currently Blu-ray discs are available in 25GB with single-layer storage and 50GB for dual-layer storage.

While the higher-capacity Blu-ray discs will not be necessary for movies – traditional 50GB discs have the capacity to store 3D media – the new BDXL media format reportedly won’t work on traditional Blu-ray drives. Users would need to purchase new drives. Sharp, however, is prepared to meet this demand with its new Aquos BD-HDW700/BD-HDW70 Blu-ray disc recorders for the 100GB capacity discs available in now in Japan. These types of recorders, like DVD+/-RW drives, can be used for archiving and data, video, and image storage.

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