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Is USB The New CD?

Uncategorizedgmo25 July 2008

CDs and DVDs have been around for years.  This optical disc format has been the defacto standard for data distribution over the last dozen years.  Well, things are starting to change, and that change is a shift from CD & DVD to USB.

Here at GotMedia we’ve spotted this trend and jumped into the market.  Our goal is to bring our customers the latest and greatest technology for not only CD and DVD products, but emerging markets as well.  So today we are talking about USB.

There are some great benefits to USB that optical media doesn’t touch.  For example:

  • Access time and copy time from USB is much faster than CD or DVD.
  • Although we have re-writable media, nothing can touch the ease and convenience of read and writing to USB.
  • USB is the new floppy disc.  People get “attached” to their USB drive.
  • USB sticks are very durable and great for travel and portability.

There are more benefits to USB, but in broad terms, these are some key components on why people – today – are considering USB over the traditional CD and DVD formats.

So the next step is, how do you manage these flash drives?  One product GotMedia has brought to light is the Nexcopy USB200PC USB Duplicator.  This 20 target duplicator is an easy and economical way to data load content to USB drives.  The system runs from your Windows computer and will copy files and folders directly to 20 USB drives.  The software will also copy bit-for-bit from a target device and step you through a Wizard type interface to insure no step is forgotten.

So now that USB flash drives are heating up as the next digital distribution medium it’s something we  recommend you consider.  With Nexcopy USB duplicator equipment to handle the data loading, there is no better time to start considering USB technology.

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