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Taiyo Yuden DVD-R and CD-R gets a fresh new label

Taiyo YudenHawksM29 February 2008

Taiyo Yuden New LabelWe just started receiving pallets of Taiyo Yuden media with new barcode and description markings. Taiyo Yuden told us they were implementing a new barcode and description label on the master carton and spindles that will be phased in throughout 2008. This is a welcome improvement which only helps reduce confusion by customers and end-users. Taiyo Yuden CD-R and DVD-R media has been a staple for professional duplicators for many years. Professionals are used to Taiyo Yuden’s generic packaging; in fact most products used by professional CD/DVD Duplicators have generic packaging since they are not packaged for retail sales. Just as e-commerce has done for so many other product markets, the lines between professional and consumer have blurred significantly. Thus for years tech savvy users have been hip to Taiyo Yuden quality and have recommended CD-R and DVD-R made by Taiyo Yuden in many respected tech forums such as Digital FAQ, VideoHelp and CDFreaks. The confusion for many end-users, who don’t typically buy CD-R and DVD-R in master carton quantities they buy them in 100 packs, is how do I know this is Taiyo Yuden media? The 100 pack spindles either come in a beehive or what is called tape-wrap with no brand label or markings to indicate the media is made by Taiyo Yuden. Once again the tech savvy users recognize Taiyo Yuden’s distinctive beehive or even better just used a CDR Identifier to verify Taiyo Yuden’s manufacturer ID (More on that here).

Tayo Yuden Value LineIn 2005 Taiyo Yuden started distributing their “ValueLine” CD-R and DVD-R in America to compete with Taiwan media manufacturers Prodisc and Ritek. Taiyo Yuden ValueLine media again with generic packaging further confused the end-user. Some users even wondered if they received ValueLine or Standard Taiyo Yuden. I have had countless follow-up emails from customers who bought Taiyo Yuden for the first time and asked how they distinguish that the media is from Taiyo Yuden once they received their order.

So it should come as no surprise that a simple package label is a welcome improvement and probably should have been implemented long ago. Hey…..better late than never, right? Let’s hope this will quell the confusion. After all Taiyo Yuden is trusted for their quality media and anyone who uses CD-R and DVD-R should consider giving Taiyo Yuden a try.

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