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Burning DVDs Requires Brand Name DVD-R

DVD-RHawksM07 March 2007

DVD recorders for use in Home Theater are on the rise, many people are using DVD recorders to replace the “traditional” VHS VCR. I have been using this DVD Recorder since 2005 and I absolutely love it. I mostly keep personal archive copies of UFC fights on DVD. The amount of physical storage space that a DVD saves as compared a VHS tape is astonishing. I know it is common sense, but when I look back over my collection I see 15 UFC fights that stack up to be less than 4 inches! That is 2 years of fights in less than 4 inches. If this was still VHS days, 4 inches would be 4 fights. I store my DVD copies in Slim Jewel Cases instead of DVD cases. I got my DVD recorder before Couture vs Liddell II and I have never been happier. However recently I went to view that UFC 52 fight on an older JVC DVD player and I was frustrated to experience “freezing”, this is where the DVD player gets confused and the picture freezes. Actually it is the laser that is having a hard time reading the data on the DVD that causes this. I recorded this fight on a Gigastorage DVD-R. Fortunately I only had 1 sample of this brand DVD-R because all of my subsequent recordings were on Verbatim DVD-R. I say fortunate because I viewed those subsequent recording and sure enough they played flawlessly in that same JVC player.
So……if you are new to DVD recording brand is probably the most important thing to consider when you are shopping for a blank DVD-R. A quality brand will almost always be the best choice for any application whether it be archiving, master recording, duplicating or just burning a DVD to watch on your TV. Quality brands are made to perform better, last longer and have the most universal compatibility across various DVD players. If you want your burned DVD to play in 95+% of DVD players without “freezing” then you should stick with brands known for quality. Verbatim, Taiyo Yuden and MAM-A have been known to produce the highest quality DVD-R media.

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