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Going Green With Media in the Education Industry

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin27 July 2015

There are several industries that can go green in their own ways; this does not only mean fuel efficient cars, or owner’s manuals on DVDs instead as was discussed in the post below. These industries could be the education sector. Educators are putting more and more content and course materials on CDs and DVDs for the students to consume in a more portable, efficient manner. Gone are the days of students lugging around 30 pound books in their backpacks. Recalling grade school years, and especially college, it was not uncommon to see students carry 3 or 4 large text books around campus all day, not just straining their backs but slowing their speed down. Now professors are often times telling students to either reference materials from the web or to purchase a DVD or CD of lecture materials and important information to know for upcoming exams. Going green and being ecofriendly is a trend seen across industries.

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Disney and GotMedia

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin23 July 2015

Disney, like Clear Channel, is a long-time client that works with GotMedia for it’s quality archiving media solutions. Disney has a multitude of properties and titles that need to be archived in a clean and reliable way. Imagine the importance of having a clear record of every recording for historical and artifact purposes for a company such as Disney. That is where GotMedia comes into play – we are able to provide Disney with blank DVD-R media in Orange County.

We are letting you know about our top clients not just to showcase our reliability and capability of handling large clientele but also to give you an idea of how you can use blank DVD-R media.


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Best DVD-R Brand?

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin20 July 2015

So which is the best DVD-R brand on the market today? The answer is it depends on who you ask! Video professionals everywhere seem to agree that Memorex and Verbatim are solid, excellent brands, however that doesn’t mean that JVC, MAM-A or Ridata comes in second by any means. If you read up on video expert forums, you can see that the best brands for DVD-R media are the ones that are the most compatible with high-end combo drives, and ones that produce the least amount of errors when burning. The truth is, many DVD-R brands specialize in slightly different types of DVD-R for different purposes. Call GotMedia today to speak with a DVD-R media expert to find the right DVD-R brand for your use.

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USB Duplicators – NexCopy Brand

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin13 July 2015

Nexcopy Incorporated manufactures our most popular USB duplicators, and Nexcopy is a global brand of flash memory duplicator solutions. Their cutting-edge technology in USB duplicator systems has lead the way for our clients who require simple or complex USB data loading. The unique line of Nexcopy duplicator systems; SD duplicator, microSD duplicator and CF duplicator, all provide flexible and expandable solutions for individuals and small businesses needing data-load and/or data-management equipment.

Innovation through focus is the core of Nexcopy’s success. Their high quality products with professionally designed style speaks to their commitment on both form and function. Here at GotMedia, we thank Nexcopy for Making data loading a simple process for our valued customers!

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Optical Media Not Dead

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin09 July 2015

You may be feeling that you’re finished with optical media, but disc media still has a significant advantage over all of your other options out there for archiving and storing your precious files, videos, family pictures and documents; and that’s longevity. Recent tests on various brands of DVD-R and BD-R suggests your files could be safe for thousands of years! So before you get rid of your optical disc drive, or attempt to go solely to cloud services for storage of your important files, pictures and documents, be sure to archive everything onto quality disc media to ensure safe and reliable storage! For more information, contact the experts at GotMedia and they can go over all of the best media and archiving options available to you!

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Rimage Ribbons & Ink Cartridges Supplies

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin06 July 2015

If you are an owner of an Everest CD/DVD printer, you should know that in order to keep your printer running well, you should clean the print heads every 2,000 prints, or more often if your printer is constantly printing discs. Gotmedia has cleaning kits along with all of the other supplies you need; ink cartridges, color ribbons, transfer ribbons and more. You can count n the Rimage Prism color system to deliver top quality printing results, whether it’s vector of photographic, at a low-cost per print… So when you need supplies for your Rimage CD/DVD printer, it’s good to know you can rely on GotMedia for all of your essential supplies at the very best prices available!

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CD/DVD/BD Printers in Los Angeles, CA

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin25 June 2015

What do top manufacturing brands of Automated CD/DVD/BD disc Printers and Automated Inkjet CD DVD Printers such as Microboards, Primera, Microtech and Teac have in common? They can all be found right here at; and all for excellent prices. GotMedia offers a selected range of top selling automated disc printers with capacities from 20 to over 100 discs printed at a time; automated disc printers that give you or your business a fast low cost way to print directly on your CDs, DVDs & Blu-ray disc media. Printing with a fully integrated automated inkjet or thermal CD/DVD/BD printer leaves you with time to focus on your business rather than printing one disc at a time. Be sure to take a look at GotMedia’s excellent range of inkjet printable DVD-R media and thermal printable DVD-R media while you’re here. We’re always updating our product line here in Orange County, CA as well as Los Angeles, CA so if you are looking for an automated disc printer with higher capacities, please don’t hesitate to call one of our knowledgeable representatives at GotMedia!!

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Top Brand Spotlight: Teac

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin22 June 2015

Much like Primera, Teac offers a wide variety of products for your duplication needs. GotMedia offers a new auto publisher system that is a fully automated 2-DVD drive publishing system. This publishing system offers color inkjet printing at 4800dpi and TEAC color dye-sub thermal. It can copy and print up to 220 discs at one pass. Think about how much time savings this can gain you and your efficiency at work!

There are also plenty of ribbons to choose from for your publishing system. There are four main choices for ribbons:

(1) Versamax – CMY color ribbon prints on virtually all Thermal Discs and many shiny flat Silver Discs. Lowest Cost. 500 Discs printed per ribbon. Most popular ribbon beacuse of media flexibility,cost and great look.

(2) Dye-Sublimation (photo) has highest resolution of any printing method.
500 Discs per set.

(3) Black Ribbon – Create monochrome photos.
Gets 2000 Discs per set.

(4) CMY& K Ribbon -Gets 500 discs per set.

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Microboards Printers in Orange County

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin18 June 2015

Microboards printers in Orange County are needed when creating your own CDs/DVDs/BDs in-house for your business and printing needs, but often times shipping for these large, heavy items can be just as much as the printer itself! It makes sense that our customers don’t want to pay for this, so we have a special deal for our online customers. If you simply tell our agents that you are our web client, you will receive free shipping on your Microboards printer order.

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Primera is a Global Brand

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin15 June 2015

Headquartered in Plymouth, Minnesota, Primera Technology, Inc. is the world’s leading developer and manufacturer of specialty printing equipment including the Bravo-Series CD/DVD/BD duplicators, LX-Series Color Label Printers, AP-Series Label Applicators, LP130 laser Marking System and CX1200 Color Label Press and FX1200 Digital Finishing System.

Primera distributes its products in more than 222 countries with service and support for North America, Latin America and South America from Plymouth, Minnesota. EMEA customers are serviced and supported from Wiesbaden, Germany through Primera Europe. Primera Asia Pacific, located in Hong Kong, serves customers in Asia Pacific.

Primera’s mission is to produce technologically superior products that offer a high degree of customer satisfaction and value while conducting business affairs with unparalleled integrity, courtesy and professionalism.

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