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Better Media, Better Results…

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin11 December 2014

Leading manufacturers of CD/DVD publishers and printers such as Epson, Microboards, Microtech, Primera & Teac all can print on any inkjet printable or thermal printable media as advertised… But did you know the media matters? Choosing the manufacturer recommended disc media that works best with your printer can save you years on the printheads and print engines. Using the correct media can also ensure the highest quality print results possible. The experts at GotMedia in Orange County, CA know which brands of media is ideal for your printer or disc publisher; so give them a call to find out more about which media type and brand will work best for you!

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Training Within Manufacturing – Utilizing DVD-R Media

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin08 December 2014

Companies within various manufacturing industries are often faced with figuring out the best way to train their new workers to the standards of the company. If it’s a chain business, then consistency in the processes are paramount. Many printed handbooks are now being provided as PDFs on CD-R media, in multiple languages, to their employees, however expert trainers realize that video is the best way to really show their workers how to operate sensitive machinery and follow specific processes; which can also be offered in multiple languages. A simple “how to” video that follows company guidelines and standards is the perfect way to train new workers. That’s why companies that GotMedia in Orange County, CA work with no longer use DVD replication plants to create copies of training videos for internal training; rather with the advent of do-it-yourself DVD-R publishers, these companies create the exact number of discs they need, when they need it, updated when it’s time to update it, and publish using high quality media they get from

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Blank Media Needs

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin04 December 2014

There are still many needs for disc media in the music, video production, photography, medical, auto, and retail industries just to name a few – clients for ad agencies review DVD-R and Blu-ray check discs, radio stations still archive their playlists on CD-Rs, doctors provide x-rays and ultra sound results recorded on to disc media, photographers deliver photo sets on CD, auto makers publish warranty and owner’s manual PDFs on CDs in glove box kits now, and the list goes on and on. Disc media has many production and archive uses and has an advantage in reliable storage that is cost effective; not needing a power source to store the data is just one, and the cost per disc is another. Disc media has become the great solution to many needs that companies face with internal training or even looping high quality show-room or tradeshow videos of new products. How can disc media help in your industry?

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Independent Filmmaking Workflow

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin29 November 2014

With so many exciting industry trends for indie filmmakers emerging, such as cross-media story telling, digital distribution opportunities, television as a platform for auteurs, crowdsourcing, etc. it’s important to have a sound workflow in order to create projects that are professional and stand out. Independent filmmaking is the most fun when filming, but the real planning and workflow needs to be worked out before you hit post-production. The first impression counts at film festivals, so before sending out the DVD screener to festivals, it’s a good idea to send out in various stages some raw cut DVD-Rs of different edits to trusted involved parties for feedback on final edits, graphics, script/narration, etc. Then when the film is 100% complete, it’s also a good idea to send out the DVD-R screener in the exact format that the festival requires for the best chance of being accepted. The media matters too, and GotMedia offers the best DVD-R and BD-R media to independent filmmakers for their submissions.

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Inkjet Media = Lower Cost

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin24 November 2014

Even though printing directly on to inkjet printable CD-R/DVD-R or BD-R media requires an initial investment/purchase of a CD/DVD inkjet printer, the long run cost of being able to customize and print your own CD/DVD projects, over and over again, is significantly lower than if you were to use a CD/DVD Duplication service or even a professional replication company. Also, if you are used to publishing your own discs using adhesive labels, it turns out that it is more cost effective to purchase inkjet media, rather than buying both disc media and adhesive label paper; with the need for a printer is the same yet stick on labels can be problematic in many tray and side-load CD/DVD drives. And with todays high quality disc printers and professional quality results, buying inkjet printable media for your in-house projects really is the safest, most reliable and cost effective way to go.

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Taking Good Care of your Rimage Thermal Printer

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin20 November 2014

If you just purchased an award winning Rimage Everest auto-printer or disc publishing system, well done! It’s a great choice and I’m sure you will want this high-end thermal CD / DVD printer to last a very along time. There are ways you can ensure years of problem free disc production with your new Rimage Everest printer; if you follow some important yet simple care tips. 1.) It’s a good idea to only use genuine Rimage Thermal Ribbons. The printheads aren’t designed to work as well with the generic ones. 2.) Set up your printer in a dust free environment. 3.) Use high quality CD, DVD and Blu-ray media. 4.) Don’t try to repair it yourself. 5.) Be sure to power down the printer instead of leaving it on 24/7. Just following these 5 tips can help your Rimage Themal Printer achieve years of highly productive disc duplicating and printing!

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Radio Promotion CD-Rs

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin17 November 2014

Ever wonder how radio stations get new music to play? Working with music label promoters over the years, GotMedia has learned there is a process. Many radio stations do not have to find new music, rather new music comes to them constantly from music promoters in hopes for some radio play; usually to promote the release of an upcoming album. Professional radio promoters know that most radio stations still prefer a “Radio Single” CD-R to be supplied to them in a standard jewel case so that it can be filed with the rest of their musical inventory. These promoters also know that many of these radio stations have a “new music hour”, where they feature new artists or music from an upcoming album release. These CD-Rs usually include both the radio edit and the full album versions of the song; along with the artist’s name, music label, the radio promoter’s information, etc. printed on the traycard. It’s not a good idea to email a .wav, .mp3 or an .aiff file to a radio station as the attachment may be blocked, or filtered into a spam folder and never reach its destination. GotMedia sells special high quality digital audio CD-R media especially for important music distribution such as this… it’s important the media is reliable, can withstand being mailed in a bubble mailer to the stations, and is high quality to preserve the original high quality mix of the music, for a great first impression.

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Advantages of DVD-R over Digital Download

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin13 November 2014

We’re in the age of digital download for sure, and what a wonderful convenience it is for consumers; especially when it comes to Hollywood movies. However, who’s the authority of digital download? Is it Netflix? Hulu? Amazon? Your cable company “On Demand” feature? It’s still the wild west out there when it comes to where you go to download your movies; and still a challenge for most people that are not under 50 yrs old. But now let’s consider the small business and their needs for video distribution. Many small companies have training videos, marketing videos, show room loop videos, product videos, manufacturing videos, how-to videos, and so on and so on. What’s the best way for them to get their videos into the hands of their employees, investors or potential customers? This is where DVD-R still has the advantage. DVD-R media can be played in almost anything – your DVD player, Blu-ray player, computer, lap top, PlayStation or Xbox, or even your car, and you don’t have to wait for it to stream or download on to anything. And with DVD-R media so affordable from, it’s really the best and most cost effective way to distribute videos in a reliable way. So if you’re not trying to distribute a Hollywood blockbuster movie, you may want to consider DVD-R media as the best choice to get your video out there and viewed by your target audience without any problems.

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Getting Your Holiday Order in Before the Rush!

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin06 November 2014

This is a busy time of year for a lot of our customers leading into the holidays… Orders seem to always come in late in the season, with a desired delivery date of, “…please ship to me in time for me to finish my Christmas CD project before Christmas!” All kidding aside, it is a good idea to get your order in now for several reasons – 1.) UPS and FED EX always tend to add a day or two to their normal estimated shipping deliveries. 2.) Our stock/inventory can run low, with difficulty of being able to replace it in time; also due to the holiday rush. 3.) We always experience an increase of orders during the holiday season. So what does all this mean for you? It’s just a great idea to get your order in now before all this holiday madness!!

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Automated Duplication Equipment Needs vs Outsourcing

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin03 November 2014

Companies often times outsource their media distribution needs to a CD DVD duplication company, or replication plant before really looking into ways they can burn, duplicate and print their discs in-house; potentially saving a lot of overhead. Replication plants usually require a 1000 count minimum quantity, yet sometimes companies would like to distribute PDFs of quarterly earnings or a training video for example at a lower quantity; internally to their employees only. Duplication houses can be pricey to have them duplicate, print and package CDs or DVDs for them. That’s why GotMedia sells all-in-one automated disc publishers that you can literally take out of the box, plug into the wall, load the ink and discs and publish the desired quantity of discs with minimal cost and supervision. Thanks to the emergence of these wonderful do-it-yourself disc publishers, more and more companies are bringing their media duplication and printing needs in-house. Call GotMedia 1-866-409-1090 to learn more about which system can work best for your companies’ needs!

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