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Designing on Silver Ink-Jet Disc Media

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin20 August 2015

Graphic designers are taught to utilize the “canvas” of whatever the target media or print surface may be for their designs; billboards, paper, boxes, POP display packaging, TV monitors, etc. This is one reason why many of our creative clients choose silver inkjet disc media over discs that have a traditional white flood. Not only is the media typically more cost effective, the silver reflective surface also offers a reflective sheen that the white discs do not offer; and that negative space for many designers is just the thing that helps make their disc face design stand out over the rest. For example, something as simple as a 2D flat logo design, printed on silver ink-jet disc media can result in a very impressive, powerful and strong design to accompany the rest of their high quality first impression type packaging design. So for your next “knock it out of the park” media design project, consider the advantages that the silver print surface can offer for your design!

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New Hi-Gloss Media from JVC!

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin17 August 2015

JVC Advanced Media has developed a NEW High-Gloss Inkjet surface to answer the needs for a more attractive and professional looking disc. JVC engineered a High-Gloss surface that improves drying time and surface durability while dramatically reducing the stickiness of the coating in order to mitigate the risks of frequent operational stops on automated disc publishers. JVC High-Gloss blank media delivers outstanding, vivid image quality and eliminates frustrating production slowdowns.
- 20X more glossy than standard JVC Matte Inkjet media
- 1.2X faster drying time
- 2.3X more durable print surface
JVC is able to offer the best quality and the most functional High-Gloss inkjet media products in the market and you can find them at!

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Primera Brand

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin13 August 2015

Did you know that Primera distributes its products in more than 222 countries with service and support for North America, Latin America and South America from Plymouth, Minnesota? Also, customers are serviced and supported from Wiesbaden, Germany through Primera Europe. Primera Asia Pacific, located in Hong Kong, serves customers in Asia Pacific…

Headquartered in United States – Plymouth, Minnesota, Primera Technology, Inc. is the world’s leading developer and manufacturer of specialty printing equipment including the Bravo-Series CD/DVD/BD duplicators, LX-Series Color Label Printers, AP-Series Label Applicators, LP130 laser Marking System and CX1200 Color Label Press and FX1200 Digital Finishing System.

Here at GotMedia we are authorized resellers of Primera brand equipment and we’re proud to offer the latest in Primera Disc publishing solutions! Be sure to call the experts at GotMedia to learn more.

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PDF Documents on CD-R

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin10 August 2015

There are a lot of advantages to utilizing PDF technology on CD-R media instead of printing. In an ongoing effort to reduce costs and be more environmentally friendly, many companies that traditionally have had to print large manuals, such as operating manuals, warranties, instructional, training, etc. are now burning the PDFs onto CD-Rs and distributing the CDs; instead of the heavy and thick printed books. Not only are CD-Rs light, easy and cost effective to package, but it also allows companies to provide the necessary documentation to their customers or staff in a way that saves a lot of paper, ink, binding, printing costs, etc. Also, the user can use the search function in their PDF viewing software to locate any part of the manual or catalog via appropriate search terms; making the documents a lot more user friendly.

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Duplication Towers From

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin06 August 2015

GotMedia provides duplicators from several different manufacturers – some of which include Pioneer duplicators in Orange County and Microboards duplicators in Los Angeles and Orange County. Using standalone towers for DVD and CD duplication needs is extremely user friendly and does not require any training. Ultimately, all the consumer will need to do is pop in the original disc, the blank media disc and voila! The disc will be duplicated. Our prices are extremely competitive and we urge you to let us know if you see a quote that is more affordable than ours; we will certainly do what we can to ensure our customers get the best prices possible! Your happiness and satisfaction is what will keep us going so please do not hesitate to call or contact us. Also, feel free to check our website on a frequent basis as we are always offering new product lines with the latest and greatest!

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Watershield Media Properties

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin03 August 2015

GotMedia sells all types and brands of CD-R, DVD-R, DVD-DL and BD-R media at great prices. You may have heard of watershield media, which GotMedia also sells; and perhaps you would like to know what the advantages are to buying this type of media. Watershield media is unique in that it has a beautiful glossy finish, which also happens to be water resistant and much more durable against wear/tear and scratches compared to regular ink-jet printable media. Many of our clients love the professional looking glossy finish that watershield media offers, and yet they are still able to ink-jet print directly onto these discs themselves with their own inkjet disc printers. Watershield discs are also very popular in higher humidity environments! Be sure to call GotMedia today to learn more about the advantages of watershield media!

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JVC High Gloss Media

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin30 July 2015

It’s well known that Glossy inkjet media products currently available in the market usually have a much longer drying time after printing which leads to “sticking problems”. This problem occurs because of the extreme difficulty balancing the surface’s glossiness with the drying time during manufacturing. Thanks to decades of accumulated knowledge manufacturing professional grade blank media optimized for disc publishers & printers, JVC Advanced Media has succeeded in finding the optimal balance. Because of this JVC is now able to offer the best quality and the most functional High-Gloss inkjet media products in the market.

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Going Green With Media in the Education Industry

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin27 July 2015

There are several industries that can go green in their own ways; this does not only mean fuel efficient cars, or owner’s manuals on DVDs instead as was discussed in the post below. These industries could be the education sector. Educators are putting more and more content and course materials on CDs and DVDs for the students to consume in a more portable, efficient manner. Gone are the days of students lugging around 30 pound books in their backpacks. Recalling grade school years, and especially college, it was not uncommon to see students carry 3 or 4 large text books around campus all day, not just straining their backs but slowing their speed down. Now professors are often times telling students to either reference materials from the web or to purchase a DVD or CD of lecture materials and important information to know for upcoming exams. Going green and being ecofriendly is a trend seen across industries.

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Disney and GotMedia

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin23 July 2015

Disney, like Clear Channel, is a long-time client that works with GotMedia for it’s quality archiving media solutions. Disney has a multitude of properties and titles that need to be archived in a clean and reliable way. Imagine the importance of having a clear record of every recording for historical and artifact purposes for a company such as Disney. That is where GotMedia comes into play – we are able to provide Disney with blank DVD-R media in Orange County.

We are letting you know about our top clients not just to showcase our reliability and capability of handling large clientele but also to give you an idea of how you can use blank DVD-R media.


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Best DVD-R Brand?

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin20 July 2015

So which is the best DVD-R brand on the market today? The answer is it depends on who you ask! Video professionals everywhere seem to agree that Memorex and Verbatim are solid, excellent brands, however that doesn’t mean that JVC, MAM-A or Ridata comes in second by any means. If you read up on video expert forums, you can see that the best brands for DVD-R media are the ones that are the most compatible with high-end combo drives, and ones that produce the least amount of errors when burning. The truth is, many DVD-R brands specialize in slightly different types of DVD-R for different purposes. Call GotMedia today to speak with a DVD-R media expert to find the right DVD-R brand for your use.

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