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Photo Scan to DVD-R Services

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin26 February 2015

It’s so very important to digitize old family photos to preserve them for generations to come. And as you may know, having a professional company scan your family photos and burn them onto DVD-Rs or BD-R media can be very expensive. However, with affordable do-it-yourself equipment from GotMedia, and different types of media that’s available to the casual consumer today, you may just consider doing it yourself! This could save you a lot of money and ultimately give you the control over the presentation, resolution, file/folder organization and even the printing of the discs themselves. You can also tackle any other archiving or media project such as creating DVD-Rs of your family videos! GotMedia in Orange County, CA is truly a one-stop-shop for all your equipment, supplies and media needs to help you accomplish your media archiving goals without having to pay for expensive professional services.

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Best BD-R Brands

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin23 February 2015

So which brands of BD-R media out there do you consider to be the best? Turns out it may depend on your BD drive! Many professionals working with HD video and Blu-Ray media say it’s really important to use high quality media, and to be sure it’s compatible with your BD-R burner; as many only support several types. A lot of our customers here at GotMedia prefer Verbatim, JVC or Memorex; all of which made Ebay’s top 5 BD-R Brand list earlier this year! But don’t forget about Sony, TDK or Maxwell – all are high quality brands GotMedia sells! Be sure to contact us if you have any questions about which BD-R Brand is the best for your needs.

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Automated Printers – Brands

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin19 February 2015 based in Orange County, CA has become the leading reseller of the industries top manufacturing brands of automated CD/DVD/Blu-ray disc printers. With advanced robotics, different disc capacities, special features, inkjet or thermal technologies working with all types of different disc media brands and printing surface variations, it can be a lot of information and options to digest; however it’s good to know that the experts at GotMedia have narrowed it down to only the most reliable and high performance automated disc printers available to choose from in their line up. The top brands that GotMedia sells is Epson, Microboards, Primera, Rimage and Teac… and there are different units to choose from within these top brands. So be sure to contact the experts at GotMedia to learn more about the leading brands of automated disc printers and publishers in the industry!

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Audio CD-R Give-Aways

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin16 February 2015

A great way that bands can share their music is by giving out a song or two, or the main title track of an upcoming album release to their fans… but what is the best way to do this? Many bands can send out an mp3 to a mailing list of already signed up and registered fans, but what about getting the music out to new music lovers or potential new fans? The best way is still to distribute free Audio CD-Rs at concerts and or other band events. Another way is to actually physically mail a free Audio CD-R with the new music on it to radio stations that like to play new music from up and coming new bands. This is a proven and effective way to get new music “out there” to the masses and promote the band. With technology constantly advancing, bands and music promoters are more and more in do-it-yourself mode, burning and printing the give-away CD-Rs themselves saving time and money; and having complete control over the distribution of the music. GotMedia is the perfect resource for music promoters because they can provide the right equipment and media to enable the promoters to get the job done at a very reasonable cost; with of course a huge potential upside for the band!

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Best Disc Printing Practices

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin12 February 2015

If you plan to replicate, there are 2 options of disc printing; photo-offset and silk screen. Generally, if your design is 2D, non-photographic but rather flat like a logo and text over a colored background, or there is a specific color you are trying to achieve or match to, then silk screen with specific color book inks such as Pantone Inks are the best way to go. If your design is photographic or pixel based, then photo-offset is your best option. Photo-offset printing is very similar to how most magazines are printed. Many companies now silk screen onto blank CD-Rs and DVD-Rs for their internal processes and ability to burn discs that have a professional replicated look. So how about if you publish and print with your own equipment? The good news is that now days, there are many types of media options that have different finishes from glossy watershield to flat white or silver finishes giving you the ability to print both ink-jet or thermal methods directly on to the blank media itself for professional results. It’s important to use the correct media and the correct inks or thermal ribbons though… So the experts at GotMedia can help you select the right media and supplies to achieve your desired result!

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Watershield Media Advantages

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin09 February 2015

GotMedia sells all types and brands of CD-R, DVD-R, DVD-DL and BD-R media at great prices. You may have heard of watershield media, which GotMedia also sells; and perhaps you would like to know what the advantages are to buying this type of media. Watershield media is unique in that it has a beautiful glossy finish, which also happens to be water resistant and much more durable against wear/tear and scratches compared to regular ink-jet printable media. Many of our clients love the professional looking glossy finish that watershield media offers, and yet they are still able to ink-jet print directly onto these discs themselves with their own inkjet disc printers. Watershield discs are also very popular in higher humidity environments! Be sure to call GotMedia today to learn more about the advantages of watershield media!

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Audio CD Box Sets Are Hot!

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin05 February 2015

In this current age of iTunes, digital download, streaming, etc. it’s interesting that physical audio CD box-sets have taken off again! Maybe people are tired of just getting the digital file without the tangible disc, artwork, inserts, packaging, etc. Or maybe it’s just convenient to get all your favorite songs in one collection instead of taking the time to search and download each song. Maybe people are feeling nostalgic of their favorite bands and the audio CD box-set is perfect way to have the songs forever, or even to give as a gift to a music lover… it all makes sense to us here at GotMedia in Orange County, CA. Have you also noticed all of the “Best of the…” 60s, 70s, 80s, type music collections for sale on TV commercials? Have you noticed they are selling a collection of either replicated CDs or actual custom burned playlists on CD-R media? If you think about it, you can insert the disc into your computer and import all of the songs at once into your iTunes library so you have the digital copy AND the actual physical CD. It’s no wonder the phenomenon known as the “box-set” hasn’t gone away!

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Disc Publishing Supplies

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin02 February 2015

Whether you bought your disc printer or automated publisher from GotMedia or somewhere else, it really helps to partner with a one-stop-shop company like GotMedia for all of the supplies you are going to need moving forward. It’s great to know you can find everything you need to get the job done from one reputable and reliable source like GotMedia in Orange County, CA. When you duplicate and print your own DVDs, CDs or Blu-ray discs, you are also going to need different packaging options for the discs. If you publish/print a lot, then you are going to need to replace ink cartridges or thermal ribbons (depending on the type of disc printer you have), and you are going to want the best prices. GotMedia has all of the supplies in all of the brand names available for you, as well as all of the cases, sleeves, etc. for your disc packaging needs. GotMedia really is your one-stop-shop for all of your disc publishing supplies!

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Chain Restaurant Kitchen Training – DVD-R

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin30 January 2015

Most chain restaurants rely on their consistency of food preparation across their different locations for brand strength. This means that how the food is prepared and how the kitchens are maintained is paramount for their success. Most major chains rely on video training their staff and new employees to all of the specific procedures unique and critical to their business success. But did you know that the best and most cost effective way to distribute the video training to their employees is through duplicated DVD-R media? It’s true! Most people can play a DVD-R in almost anything; their computers, laptops, DVD-R player, Blu-ray player, X-Box, Playstation and even their cars or trucks if new enough! No internet or streaming service is required, and with DVD-R media being such a reliable and affordable option, this makes it so that restaurants that roll out new menu items or products can easily train their staff by recording the procedures to video and DVD-R media for internal distribution and further training.

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Disc-At-Once CD Burning with Sound Forge Pro

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin26 January 2015

There are always a lot new products being introduced in our industry and a lot of these products are revealed in major conventions like NAMM 2015. We’ve just learned that Sony Creative Software has released a free 2.5 update to Sound Forge Pro Mac, and a Version 3 upgrade to SpectraLayers Pro (Windows/Mac). What’s great, is that the free 2.5 update for Sound Forge Pro: Advanced Audio Waveform Editor now features disc-at-once CD burning, the Wave Hammer compressor/limiter plug-in, a stand-alone Convert Batch Processing Automation Tool and other improvements! Other news to note is that he award-winning SpectraLayers Pro: Advanced Audio Spectrum Editor has been given a version upgrade as well that includes a redesigned interface, eight-channel surround support, faster processing and more… These are all very exciting upgrades!

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