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Panasonic – Next Generation Blu-ray Tech

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin22 May 2015

Panasonic Corporation announced earlier this year that it has developed the world’s first1 Blu-ray Disc™ playback technology supporting the latest technologies such as 4K and High Dynamic Range , which are expected to be adopted in the next generation Blu-ray Disc standards2 (ULTRA HD BLU-RAY™). A prototype player was on display a few months ago at the 2015 International CES (Las Vegas, NV, United States).

This prototype integrates video processing and optical disc drive technologies that Panasonic has refined over many years, making it capable of reproducing 4K high resolution video, and supporting the latest technologies such as High Dynamic Range[3] that marks a major leap in the brightness peak from the previous 100 nit3 to 1,000-10,000 nit to improve the power of expression; wide color gamut standard, which greatly increases color reproduction; high-efficiency video compression technology / Blu-ray Disc playback at a high bit rate.

This marks a major advance in picture quality over current Blu-ray Disc players, and paves the way towards allowing consumers to enjoy the crisp, true-to-life quality of amazing 4K Ultra HD content in their own homes.

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Software Development

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin18 May 2015

There are a lot of systems and regulated procedures software developers use in developing the various releases and different versions of their software leading up to a final release. Beta testing and logging bugs in a version number coded database is vital for software engineers to be able to correct and create a bug free retail ready software product; in time for it’s release date. There is also .exe encryption and copy-right protection that usually gets integrated in the final stages. With a detailed and sensitive process such as continued release software development, it’s very important for the beta testers to have the highest quality media for testing purposes. Cheap media can cause delays, research and bug fixes that actually weren’t even necessary! You can rule out media issues right away by using quality CD-R media. GotMedia has partnered with several software development companies in the Orange County, CA area and are the expert media suppliers for software developers! Call GotMedia to find out more…

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College Course Syllabus on USB Drives

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin14 May 2015

College professors in the education industry know that when preparing to teach their courses, they need to provide their students with a handful of supplement reading materials and a course outline; generally known as a syllabus. In the past, these were printed and handed out and/or purchased from the college book store. However, more professors are learning that with the advent of USB drive duplication technology, they can save the paper, ink and printing costs associated with creating and handing out physical reading materials simply by duplicating the reading content on to affordable USB drives using USB duplicator technology. Hundreds of flash drives with electronic, searchable PDF files related to the course content can be duplicated and handed out to the students for a fraction of the cost to print. It can also be done on day 1 of the class, consistently making sure every student has the needed course outline from the start. What better way is there to distribute ever-changing course content every semester to their students? And of course the experts at GotMedia have the duplicators and media that college educators need to help support them!

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Epson Duplicators Leading the Pack

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin11 May 2015

With the highest quality printing in its class, the Epson Discproducer Automated Publisher (PP-100) is becoming the leading automated disc publisher among professionals. It comes with easy to use software, low ink sensors, and the ability to produce up to 100 discs, both burned and printed, unattended. This printer actually even marks the bad discs and continues to produce until the specified number of discs to be printed has been reached. Finally, a reliable and affordable disc publisher that prints in high quality; making Epson the leader of the pack. Epson Duplicators and automated printers are available on at the very best prices and always with a helpful representative ready to help you select the right publisher for your needs.

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Microboards Printers in Los Angeles

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin07 May 2015

As with Orange County, Los Angeles companies often times need microboards printers but do not want to deal with high shipping costs. The Los Angeles area is ripe with several entertainment, music and movie clients that need to print CDs and DVDs quickly and on the go. Not everyone has access to high quality (aka expensive) studios, so one way to go about creating high quality needs is through your own at-home studio with your own Microboards printer in Los Angeles.

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Nexcopy: Brand Spotlight

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin04 May 2015

Nexcopy Incorporated manufactures our most popular USB duplicators, and Nexcopy is a global brand of flash memory duplicator solutions. Their cutting-edge technology in USB duplicator systems has lead the way for our clients who require simple or complex USB data loading. The unique line of Nexcopy duplicator systems; SD duplicator, microSD duplicator and CF duplicator, all provide flexible and expandable solutions for individuals and small businesses needing data-load and/or data-management equipment.

Innovation through focus is the core of Nexcopy’s success. Their high quality products with professionally designed style speaks to their commitment on both form and function. Here at GotMedia, we thank Nexcopy for Making data loading a simple process for our valued customers!

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Automated CD/DVD Printers in OC

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin30 April 2015

What do top manufacturing brands of Automated CD/DVD Printers and Automated Inkjet CD DVD Printers such as Microboards, Primera, Microtech and Teac have in common? They can all be found from the experts of disc media,; and all for excellent prices. GotMedia offers a selected range of top selling automated disc printers with capacities from 20 to over 100 discs printed at a time; automated disc printers that give you or your business a fast low cost way to print directly on your CDs, DVDs & Blu-ray disc media. Printing with a fully integrated automated inkjet or thermal CD/DVD printer leaves you with time to focus on your business rather than printing one disc at a time. Be sure to take a look at GotMedia’s excellent range of inkjet printable DVD-R media and thermal printable DVD-R media while you’re here. They’re always updating their product line here in Orange County, CA so if you are looking for an automated disc printer with higher capacities, please don’t hesitate to the folks at GotMedia a call!!

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Local Churches Using Disc Publishers!

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin27 April 2015

It’s amazing that technology has advanced to the point where you can attend a Church service, walk out on to the patio area immediately afterwards and see a stack of printed CDs of the sermon you just heard available to take home! How do they do this? Well some Churches have learned that offering their sermons on demand, or as podcasts, or for download from their website wasn’t as effective as actually offering the recorded sermon on CD right after the service; as it is still fresh on their minds. GotMedia offers everything these Churches need to do the job! Everything from the disc re-corders and disc publishers, to the media and ink cartridges needed to quickly publish, duplicate and print these sermon CDs so that they are ready for Church-goers on the way out!

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Corporations Going Internal

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin23 April 2015

Many large corporations are bringing disc publishing services they used to outsource to vendor companies, back internal/inside the company. This is due to the advancement of do-it-yourself user-friendly duplication and printing technology. Employees can now be trained to operate newer disc publishers and printers and therefore control the output, quantity, artwork, archiving, etc. for their specific needs; without the back and forth of dealing with outside vendors. Whether it be training materials, software testing, file archiving, manuals, presentations, etc., it’s convenient to be able to handle the output internally vs. issuing POs to companies within their quantity breakdowns rules.

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Legacy TV Show Seasons on DVD-R

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin20 April 2015

A new trend in marketing to fans of TV shows long past is now to offer different seasons of the shows on DVD-R. Maybe you have seen an old show you liked being featured on TV commercials for sale only through the on screen offer? This makes sense vs the cost to re-broadcast on an obscure cable station, and DVD-Rs are not only cost effective but also the most compatible video media type for fans to source. Don’t be surprised if you see this trend continue – maybe you’ll see all seasons of your favorite old TV show offered in a multi-disc DVD set on TV soon!

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